Plant Based Protein Powder

Plant based protein powder encompasses four main groups of proteins. They are Soy protein powder, Hemp protein powder, Rice protein powder, and Pea protein powder. The best plant based protein powder is generally pea protein powder, but there are certainly three others to consider. They all accomplish the same goal of providing a plant based protein (vegan), but they each are different in a number of ways. The following is an analysis of each protein individually and what they have to offer.

Pros and Cons of Each Plant Protein Powder

Soy Protein Powder

Soy protein powder is often the first option of choice for people looking for a quality plant based protein powder. Because soy is frequently used as a substitute in cooking for meat proteins, it is logical to assume that the same rationale carries over for protein powders. If you are already quite comfortable using soy products, soy protein can offer a comparable dosage of protein per serving as traditional whey protein powders.

There are just over 30mg’s of protein per serving in most soy protein powder products. This is a “solid” serving dosage, but is not always the best you can get from a plant based protein powder.

Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein is a relatively new plant based protein powder in terms of being widely adopted in the supplement niche. In general, hemp is gaining in popularity for a variety of uses not just related to the supplement niche. The trend is only likely to grow in the coming years.

Hemp protein powder generally contains higher protein per serving than any of the other protein powders. The only con of hemp is the taste. Some people complain of the distinct flavor it has. While the other plant based protein powders are relatively bland, hemp protein can be off-putting to some.

Rice Protein Powder

Rice protein powder is consider a “lighter”, easier to digest plant based protein powder. It is also among the most affordable of all the vegan protein powders. Rice protein is also highly mixable, making it preferable in shakes, smoothies, and other protein rich concoctions. Other than these factors, there is not much that separates rice from the other protein powders.

Pea Protein Powder

 Pea protein powder is definitely the best plant based protein powder. While the difference is not overwhelming, pea protein powders generally contain a higher quality protein content. Quality is as important as quantity when it comes to protein content and pea protein powder offers both. It is also very affordable, usually being just a little bit more expensive than rice protein powder. It is highly mixable as well, but carries some “body” to it which can be nice in a protein shake. Most importantly, pea protein is laden with amino acids which are essential to maintaining a healthy balance.

THE FINAL WORD: Pea protein powder may not be the most well know plant based protein powder, but it is the best value in terms of quality and quantity of protein for your money.


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